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The true inspiration for the farm’s name was drawn from an unforgettable summer evening back in July 1990. That evening, the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome provided the sublime setting for six thousand lucky people to witness the inaugural and original Three Tenors concert. So special was the operatic singing that night, that when Luciano Pavarotti asked the President of Italy which song he should perform as an encore, the reply was simply “Da Capo!” which in Italian means “From the beginning”. As such, Da Capo was an obvious choice when Alberto Bottega named the vineyard some years later.
Nestling at the foot of majestic granite mountains, the slopes vary in height from 200 to 350 metres above sea level and have aspects which face north, west and south. The 150 hectare property can be seen from far due to the distinctive mountain shape which is known as the Idiom Conical Peak. The soils contain decomposed granite which is relatively shallow and stony in patches with a clay base. The distinctive northern, western and southern aspects create several micro-terroirs, which add character and complexity to the wines. Each cultivar was matched to the optimum vineyard site possible and several clones of each variety were planted. Da Capo vineyards now offers one of the largest selections of Italian varietals in South Africa that reflect the Bottega family’s heritage. The 17 different varietals harvested at the farm at optimal ripeness and then sorted by hand offer a direct comparisons between the famous wines of Bordeaux and the Rhone, Tuscany and Piedmont, but born of Cape terroir.

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